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Shipping & Returns






GermJuice® is a subsidiary of Black Light World® which is the parent company. All below statements by GermJuice® are directly and legally the statements and opinions of Black Light World®

All information, recommendations and suggestions appearing herein concerning all product are based upon data obtained from the manufacturer and/or recognized technical sources. However, GermJuice® has no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the accuracy, sufficiency or completeness of the information set forth herein. It is the user's responsibility to determine the safety, toxicity and suitability of his own use, handling and disposal of the product in accordance with their state & federal laws. Additional product literature may be available upon request. Since actual use by others is beyond our control, no warranty express or implied, is made by GermJuice® as to the effects of such use, the results to be obtained or the safety and toxicity of the product, nor does  GermJuice® AKA as Black Light World® assume any liability arising out of use by other of the product referred to herein. The data in the MSDS relates only to specific material designated herein and does not relate to use in combination with any other material or in any process. When purchasing our products customers waive any liability claims to GermJuice® AKA Black Light World®


                                    ORDER CANCELLATIONS
Effective 05/09/2019 A 3% administration fee from the total order will be charged to ANY and ALL orders placed online.



We at GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® strive to offer our customers the best products at the best possible prices. Due to the nature and simplicity of our products, returns will not be accepted unless the product is found to be defective.

Items which are non returnable are fluorescent powders, phosphorescent powders, all liquids, or used items.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAMPLING PRODUCTS BEFORE MAKING LARGER PURCHASES FOR FULL SATISFACTION OF THE PRODUCT(S). Large purchase returns will be subject to an automatic 25% restock fee.

All returns, refunds, or exchanges must be approved by GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® before any products are returned.

All of our products are tested before shipping. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us.


All returns must be authorized by GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® before product(s) is returned. All products must be returned in the original packaging. GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® will replace, refund, or credit your account for returned product(s) at Black Light World®s discretion.

*Special exceptions may be made on a case by case basis determined by GermJuice® AKA Black Light World®. In this event, returns are subject to deductions for shipping costs and a 25% restocking charge and must be returned within a five (5) day period from date of receipt of product(s). NO refunds will be given for products returned without explicit permission from GermJuice® AKA Black Light World®

Any return must be authorized by a representative of GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® and under no circumstances will returns be accepted otherwise. Authorization and shipping instructions must be obtained from GermJuice® AKA Black Light World®. No returns will be authorized after fifteen (15) BUSINESS days of receipt of product(s) by the customer.

GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® has a cap on shipping however large orders in which GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® pays the difference or offers free shipping those charges will be charged back to the buyer/customer on returns, cancelled orders, etc,. at Black Light World®s discretion.

Our black lights and all products have been fully tested for use. In the event returns are made do to conditions such as improper lighting including natural light interfering with black light, these conditions are out of our control as black light requires darkness and other lighting can create poor black light output. These returns are subject to a 25% restock fee with no exceptions. Your environment conditions we have no control over. Black lights work best in darker areas or require hoods or other methods to block out natural light. If this can not be achieved such as a bright lit area or outside event we highly recommend not using our products.


C/O Black Light World®
Returns: RMA = Invoice Number
2256 Martin Pierce Rd   
Cub Run, Ky 42729





WARRANTY: We guarantee all GermJuice® AKA Black Light World® products to be free of defects in workmanship and material for 15 days (unless manufacturer's warranty is longer) after sale to the customer. We will replace or repair the product(s) at our option providing there is no evidence of customer misuse, or alteration.




Most orders are shipped the same day when received by 11:00am CST (Mon - Fri) or within 24 hours via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

We offer 2 different flat rate shipping options used at our discretion:

  • UPS Ground 

  • USPS Priority Mail Or First Class Mail

  • If either carrier UPS or USPS can not deliver to your location for any reason please make a note or special instructions comment. We have no way of knowing if we are not told of unusual carrier delivery issues. Our flat rate and free shipping options allow us to choose the carrier at our discretion. Selecting other then our flat rate or free shipping options shipping charges will vary and be shown upon checking out. Please use this information to avoid re ship costs.
UPS Ground or USPS Mail flat rate shipping prices are listed below and is automatically calculated into your total upon check out for orders. We do not expedite orders. And shipping charges are never refunded unless an error was made by us. We are also not liable in the event our shipping providers loose your order or get your product to you late as these conditions are out of our control. Orders must arrive no later then 11:00am CST to process same day. Orders received after 11:00 CST will ship the following business day and orders received after 11:00 CST Fridays will ship on Monday. 

Please provide a physical address and not a PO Box for the shipping address unless your PO address is a confirmed billing and ship to address. No APO, AO, AE or Canada or outside USA orders.


Once your order ships, you will receive a shipment confirmation via email no later than the next business day, which will provide your tracking number and scheduled delivery date. If you place your order by mail, and do not wish to provide your email address, please feel free to contact us for your tracking number. We do not give away, sell, or rent your personal information including your email address to anyone.

GermJuice.com AKA Black Light World® exclusively ships using only UPS & USPS, therefore, all orders will ship via UPS or USPS. We have had much success with both, and will continue using them as our main sources of shipping. We are able to provide our customers with quality shipping services, tracking of packages, and ensured delivery.

Purchase orders are not being accepted. All orders must be placed online, we accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Using PayPal as your payment method will be shown on your billing statement as PayPal. 

W9 requests will be sent once your order is placed. Federal law requires us to remit a W9 for all orders to companies which have an order value of $600.00 dollars or more. Orders below that amount we are not obligated to forward a W9. In addition for requests for vendor approval forms, we do not fill out these forms as they are time consuming and serve no purpose for our company. If these forms are necessary for your company we highly suggest finding a vendor that will provide that process. We offer the lowest prices for our products due in part to the elimination of this tedious time consuming processs of paperwork and pass these savings to our customers.

Any returns where free shipping was offered the actual charge for shipping that was printed on your original invoice will be deducted from any refund for all returns. Any returns for incorrect address will need to pay to reship the package again this applies to USPS Mail. Any returns for incorrect address where UPS was used the above policy also applies and any fees in which UPS charges us for the return would also need to be recharged prior to us re-shipping. If the order is cancelled for a refund the above policy is still in effect and a 25% restock fee and the discretion of Black Light World®




$10.01 - $149.99: $7.00 

150.00 Up Free Shipping Option                                                                                                                                                                  

If a product is returned for any reason the original cost paid for shipping by us will be deducted for any refund. UPS charges a return fee when ever an order is to be returned. This charge may vary for UPS returning it and subject to be charged back to the customer along with the original shipping charges. A 25% restock fee may also apply.


If you have any questions regarding our shipping policies please do not hesitate to contact us via email for a quick response.

Disclaimer: These products are simply teaching tools to teach awareness and promote proper cleaning, hand washing, hygiene, and cross contamination. By no means does the use of these products guarantee that hands or any surfaces are clean or sanitary. They are not cleaning products but cleaning teaching tools. It is up to the instructor or user to implement the cleaning procedures they see fit and follow CDC and similar recommendations by governing bodies. We are distributors of these products and the information provided for the products on our site has been provided by the manufacturers.