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Hand Washing Training Dry Powder Kit A With 6 Inch Black Light

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Product Description

GermJuice® Dry Kit A

Kit Includes (1) 6 Inch Pocket Black Light & Germjuice® Dry Powder   

For 50 to 75 Student Applications

Apply a small amount of powder to students hands and massage hands. Product once massaged in hands is virtually invisible. Viewing with black light after washing reveals areas on hands not cleaned properly.  

Requires a dark environment for best training results! Only real black lights  can be used to expose fluorescent chemicals in our products. Beware of cheap imitation lights which have no effect on products.

 Germjuice® Dry is specifically designed to teach individuals the proper techniques of hand washing hygiene. By using Germ juice® products you can effectively train students and employees by making a visual impact they will remember and practice. Germjuice® products are designed to be invisible so that the student or trainee can be taught the techniques of proper hygiene, food preparation and handling with out cross contamination. Simply by applying our unique lotion Germ juice® or powders to the hands or surfaces and then having the individual wash their hands and then inspected using a black light their weaknesses in their cleaning procedure can be exposed. Under a black light Germjuice® products will glow brightly showing areas of contamination. For over 10 years, Germjuice® and Germ Juice dry powder has been effectively teaching these techniques in the restaurant, medical, hotel and hospitality, industry. You can purchase our products individually or in specially designed kits for your specific needs. 3 oz container. Actual Germjuice® Powder weight is approximately 1 oz.

Cleaning training tools for, Motels, Hotels, Hospitals, Elderly Care Centers, Malls, Theaters, Bio Hazard, Hazmat training, Fire dept training & virtually anyone that wants to know. "Did Staff Actually Clean"? Now you will know. For more information and products visit  www.cleaningdetective.com

 Help Spread the word not the GERMS!

To be used under adult supervision only! Above products are very safe and non toxic, but safety while using these products should be followed. Never allow students to use if they have cuts, sores, skin conditions, dry skin, or prone to allergies or various allergic reactions. Keep away from mouth and eyes. Avoid getting on clothing, can cause permanent staining. Obtain permission from parents when training children. Never allow anyone to look directly into ANY light, which this includes our long wave black lights which are considered safe if avoiding looking directly into light. 

Disclaimer: These products are simply teaching tools to teach awareness and promote proper cleaning, hand washing, hygiene, and cross contamination. By no means does the use of these products guarantee that hands or any surfaces are clean or sanitary. They are not cleaning products but cleaning teaching tools. It is up to the instructor or user to implement the cleaning procedures they see fit and follow CDC and similar recommendations by governing bodies. We are distributors of these products and the information provided for the products on our site has been provided by the manufacturers..

 Being sick costs you a lot.

It costs you a lot of time. Each year Americans are sick more then 4 billion days.
It costs you a lot of money. They spend almost 950 billion dollars on direct medical costs.
But the biggest cost of all is the cost of a life. Over 160,000 die due to infectious diseases as the underlying cause of death.


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